February 05, 2015


Grammy Nominated "Wimoweh rap" Lion Sleeps tonight .


Refreshing and moving, the Tokens team up with Rapper Cha`San breeding HIp Hop Rap, with one of the most popular songs in Pop History, "In The Jungle Where The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (Wimoweh). a GRANDIOSE UNDERTAKING and a Grandiose outcome. Producer / Arranger Norman Bergen has ingeniously created a Grammy winning piece with Jay Siegel's Tokens and Cha`San. Kudos To Norman Bergen for delivering such a fine product.


December 25, 2012


The APB Band: Cornbread & Cadillacs

This is one of the best albums to come down the pike in a long time. This is the real deal, not just a bunch of kids or white guys playing 3 chords and calling it the blues. This is the blues. APBB has soul, with depth and feeling, a fresh sound and fresh songs spiced with a good flavoring of traditional New Orleans Blues, and these guys should know, they were born and raised in the bayous and 9th ward of the Big Easy. All Purpose Blues lives the life and the life lives vibrantly in their music. See for yourself , or rather hear for yourself. This is the music to chase the blues away, and put the boogie in your soul. Definitely real ear candy


July 27, 2012


Saturday Night in Shankletown

Celebrating the best blues tracks ever recorded.  Memories of Saturday Nights Juk'n in local bars and joints filled with working people dancing their cares away to soulful sounds of everyday life.