Catbone Music International Inc


July 25, 2020


"Just Because you dont have a big budget, doesnt mean your music has to sound like it"

We find solutions that meet your licensing needs and work on a contractual basis, on on single projects.  My company can produce and oversee soundtracks for film, TV and media.  In addition we represent a deep catalogue of HIT songs and major artists, as well as Grammy winning writers for the projects we work on, or for developing License and material for film, TV and commercials. 


Our clients include:  The History Channel, A & E, Lou Reda Films, Biography Channel for broadcast and many others.  For retail we represent American Idol, Nashville Star (past), Catbone Records and a host of other music and film companies.  In addition we also represent various celebrities for licensing and brands inclusing international brands.


April 05, 2020


Donna Hatley - President 

Donna is an Officer of the company and co founder. She continues to run the operations since the company was founded by her and her husband, Ken Hatley (consultant) . Donna is a very talented and skilled in all areas of the Music Recording and Licensing Industries for film, broadcast and Media - Advertising Companies.  She oversees the day-to-day operations and business for CMI (Catbone Music International Incorporated).


KHAI is well-known in the music and television industry. CMI is a Music Producer/Supervisor, Manager, Composer, Licensing Specialist, Consultant and Artist. CMI many accomplishments are as follows:


KHAI has written and produced soundtracks for such major Directors as Robert Wise, George Romero, Ralph R Clemente, George Schlatter, Lou Reda many others.  Produced MDA Jerry Lewis Telethon 25th Anniversary Music and Live Stage Performances of the National Telethon. 


Music Producer/Supervisor/Licensing Specialist for Lou Reda Products INC. which produces History Channel, A&E, and Biography.


KHAI has had many major artists recordings of its work, including Richie Havens, Razzy Bailey, Melanie and others.


Produced and managed the late Actor David Caradine, represented Johnny & June Cash in film projects, produced Anita Carter and the Carter Family.


Donna serves as President. CEO of Catbone Music International. & Catbone Music and Film.

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July 25, 2020


"The beat is from the heart"

I am an R and B musician and session musician. My main instruments are harp (harmonica) and guitar. I performed and recorded with many major name artists such as Dangerous Dan Toler (Allman Brothers Guitarist) Gregg Allman Band with John Townsend (Sanford and Townsend), Frankie (Dave Toler), Drummer Allman Brothers Band and Marshall Tucker Band, and also Gregg Allman Band. I recorded with Dan Toler, Melanie, Richie Havens, Country Artist Razzy Bailey, and too many others to list.

KHAI's reputation for quality, delivery of promise, committed high standards of ethics and service, flourished. KHA developed projects with Disney, Universal, Nike, General Motors, and other Fortune 100 corporations with commercials, events, and C 2 C Business Development with other companies and affiliates worldwide.

Ken Hatley - Founder